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Aeturnum fosters the opportunity to learn and grow. With a very relaxed work environment, flexible working hours, a warm team culture, and salaries pegged to the USD!

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Aeturnists are our greatest asset and at Aeturnum, we strive to hire only the finest expertise, to continue to lead us in the IT industry.


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Everything is about finding balance, and at Aeturnum we aim to find exactly that.

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We hope you will join our family, because together we’ll make a great team.
We’ll help you learn and grow your career at Aeturnum, and above all become one of the best in the industry.
In addition, it doesn’t hurt to have your salaries pegged to the USD!

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Dhanushka J Kottegoda

Associate Software Architect

Aeturnum is so much more than just a workplace. It’s a home, a school, and a friend. It’s a home because, Aeturnum is a family, and home is where your family is. It’s a school because it’s a safe place to fail, learn from your mistakes, and be guided and nurtured by the best individuals and experiences to improve your skills and abilities. It’s a friend because Aeturnum is there when you need someone to lean on.

Tharuni Baddegama

Tharuni Baddegama

QA Engineer

I joined Aeturnum as an associate QA after my internship, and it’s been a transformative experience,
fostering both professional growth and personal development. I’ve had the freedom to pursue my hobbies like singing and music at Aeturnum,
with fantastic support. I’m thrilled to be part of the Aeturnum family and look forward to continued growth, both professionally and personally.

Aanif Ariff

Aanif Ariff

Associate TechOps Engineer

Proud TechOps Engineer at Aeturnum Lanka, where my journey has been nothing short of incredible. Here, my career has skyrocketed, and I’ve thrived as an individual. With flexible hours and a diverse, talented community, Aeturnum Lanka is a standout. I’ve gained diverse experiences and fine-tuned my skills, all while enjoying a vibrant social life. fast learning, effortless work-life balance, and exposure across diverse domains, I extend a warm invitation to join us. Together, we’ll reach new heights!

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Paydiant (Acquired by PayPal)

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